Quake Topic

The classic Fast-paced arena style First person shooter.

AKA: The game where i discovered LAN existed.

Did you played this?, do you still play it? If so, which one was your favorite?

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Never heard of it.
You sure it's classic?

sounds like a fun game.
i dont think i have played this so i might check it out

I know of it. I never got did play it, but one of my favorite games did originate from a Quake mod (cough cough TF2 cough cough)

Can confirm.

It's one of the most revolutionary online first person shooters ever, at least in my eyes, so...
Yeah, I think it's a classic.

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I have Deathmatch Classic, which is basically a Half life reskin of Quake, Does that count?


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If you mostly play PC games than it’s classic.

Alas it’s next to unknown in the console world.