Quantum Tahu

Whatever it takes.


Objectively inferior to Omega Tahu

But still a pretty great moc.

In seriousness, it’s pretty good. There’s a little bit of weird going on with the shaping of the chest imo, probably due to the clashing textures.


Yeah, its a bit of a clunky design, and one which I’ve probably overused at this point😛 Thanks for the feedback!

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Awesome work! I love it.

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I never knew you were so good at MOCing, you should do more!

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Thanks! It’s been a while, but I’ve got like a ton of mocs here on the boards if you check out my profile.

The avengers symbol on the chest distracts from the rest of the moc

Well that was literally the whole point of the MOC😂
So if you’re talking about clashing textures, fair point, but if you just think it’s out of place because of the symbol, it’s meant to tie in to Endgame.


Tahu avenges Mata Nui!

Smash theme

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”Lets go get this son of a brick.”


I’m going to crack up if they aren’t Quantum suits

This looks amazing! I love the creativity!

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