Quartz Custom Gallery

Welcome, one and all to…the place where I show off my customs.

I am a modder. I mod Bionicle parts. I am the kind of person who, If I can cut it and glue it, will.

so, here is where I am going to show off my works.

I do masks currently, and will likely soon be expanding into bionicle foam weaponry, and more.

I do not CURRENTLY take or have a way to take commissions. I want to do this, however. CUSTOM MASKS FOR ALL!

with that said, feel free to request projects for me to try. I am game for almost anything.

1: bulk dry brush faceguard removal and custom glatorian head repaint.

one of my first big mods :heart_eyes:

not too hard either. assuming you know what your doing, pretty much anyone could pull this off.

for those interested, there is a video of the process for making this mask on my youtube channel, “Quartz Roolz”

2: Kinohi Ignika (VNOG)

not so much a mod, but still worth showing off.

the base mask was brought off of shapeways, and I painted it gold on arrival. this particular mask is one of my most prized possessions, not half because of how rare this thing is.

again, there is an unboxing and painting on my youtube channel.

3: Pakari/ phantoka akaku integration

my first integration.

would have loved to have used the mata or nuva akaku’s for this, but cutting the harder old plastic with an Exact-O knife is a pain, and I dont have any duplicates of those two. this mask is kinda-sorta- really rough. that said, It looks good IMO and, hey, its purple. whats not to like.

video on this is now out!

remember to check back here often. I will update with new works whenever I get the chance. I also dont have any real projects ATM, so feel free to suggest things for me to try.

till next time



These all looks really cool.
But I totally misread the title as “Quartz Costume Gallery”

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These all look really neat! What gold paint did you use for the Ignika?

just your standard acrylic paint. specifically its “graduate”, but it actually doesn’t matter.

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Thanks for letting me know! I’m painting a mask too, so this should help.

These are some pretty cool masks, but the last one is horrific.

Some nice looking mods. I like the overall shaping of the Pakari/Akaku integration, but the paint job looks a little strange in areas. Good job otherwise though!

Can you give me some tips on how to avoid brush marks when painting masks with acrylic paint?

be light with paint. the more you have on our brush the more lines there will be. get a little, and brush carefully

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