Quatza - Brotherhood of Makuta community project

Assigned region: …?

Never a particularly noticeable Makuta, he liked to keep quiet, sticking to his orders to a T. (His mask of stealth probably has something to do with his ability to go unnoticed)
His role. In the brotherhood was to study Rahi to Rahi and Rahi to Matoran interactions. This was very helpful to the Makuta that made Rahi as he could report if there was a particular shortage of (for example) prey. He maintained the ecosystem, or at least played a fundamental role in it.

His mask, the kanohi Volitak, was a great help when studying Rahi, as it would allow him to get incredibly close to even the most astute Rahi without disturbing their behaviour.

He used a pulse rifle to subdue any particularly aggressive Rahi, and was equipped with twin blades for slicing through thick vegetation, or even soft stone.

His most unfortunate death was neither dramatic nor noticeable, much like Quatza himself. He was killed by a rouge Rahi, a mutated specimen that had been subject to elemental experimentation. The Rahi was similar to a velociraptor, with feathers. He was trying to study it and was caught off-guard while writing in his notebook. The Rahi tore his head clean off.

This is my first mostly G1 moc so C, & C are super appreciated!
Edit: Overhaul completed! Hope this is big enough @Gilahu

Sorry he’s so strange looking, I’m really struggling for parts at the moment!

I added a system net so he can catch Rahi to study them.

And finally a quick back shots you can see his construction. I know it’s very simple but I tried my best to make him as bug as I could.


He’s okay, though the thighs need to be filled in


Legs aside, this moc have it’s limits.

The shoulder “fixed” position and lacking of elbow movement limits Quatza possibility, the back is decently covered, and he should be shorter imo (yes, im referring to the leg length).


@Gilahu Here’s my application, hope it fits the criteria! I’ll be able to modify him again in two weeks (next Friday) so any criticism will be worked on ASAP but that’s not so soon. Right. Like I said, next Friday I’ll get you an overhaul. So is it titan size? Also, Tahu was a typo, changed to Rahi.
@Ace Yeah, looking for a way to do that without open pins on the side. Any suggestions?
@Square I don’t know how to fix the shoulder, if you do please tell! The elbow can be moved 90° to fix the articulation so that’s fixed. As to the leg length, that’s sorta his thing, he’s got long legs.
@Willess12 I’ll look into getting that start armour!
@Gilahu OK then. Sorry, I’m really struggling for parts at the moment!

I’ve found that using the 2010 Stars armor piece (the piece used on Tahu’s chest armor) works. You could also use a 4-long CCBS bone.

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Far too small, I fear. If you don’t have the G1 parts I’m perfectly fine with you using CCBS, but this wouldn’t even qualify as a proper Toa.

  • legs are really barebones
  • arms, too
  • torso is basically just a Metru torso, although I like that you tried to make teh back of it more interesting


Uh… what?

Otherwise works. His death might not be very… creative story wise, but there’s not really anything wrong with it.

Yeah, I fear that MOC needs a complete overhaul in order to get accepted. Sorry.


one thing you need to work on is taking pictures.


I really like the backstory, super creative! The MOC needs a lot of work, though, mostly the legs as has been said. Keep it up!

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… so, a velociraptor?

The moc is really bare bones, both figuratively and literally, the basic visual design is alright, such as the spiky shoulders, but the actual build is really basic and hollow, it needs an overhaul, the limbs especially need to be rebuilt, you can use ccbs and still make the moc look g1.

The backstory is pretty good.


He seems too bare bones, try filling in some of the gaps.

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Still far too bare bones, I fear.

  • upper legs are just CCBS bones
  • I can’t even see most of the lower legs and the feet on the pictures
  • there’s a huge gap in the middle of the torso
  • torso has an extreme T-shape
  • arms are basically ok, but the shoulders look really weird
  • are those… wing stubs? Shoulder armor? Does look strange
  • lower torso and legs need more black and dark red

Basically, while it’s not optimal, I can kinda see arms and upper torso as part of an ok MOC, but below that it just seems unfinished and hastily thrown together. Although at least the lower legs seem nice enough from what I can tell. Try to abandon grey tones and stick to black, red and silver. Flesh out the torso, armor up the legs. Maybe abandon that Metru torso, too, since it probably rather hampers good shoulder and torso design on a bigger scale than Metru-build.

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