Queen of the Water Protectors

Another entry in my series of elite protectors. This lovely lady watches over the ocean depths, leading the tribe of Water Protectors in their mission to guard their elemental masks of power.

I took a similar approach here as with the Jungle Queen in that I tried to incorporate every shade of blue that I have into the design. And of course I had to mix in that lemon yellow, since I think those two colors give a great aquatic vibe. The flipper feet do stand a bit awkwardly. But that’s the case for anyone trying to walk around wearing scuba flippers, isn’t it?


The proportions are a bit strange and the torso is plain, but I love the motif you’re going for!


cool use of the borhak shields

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The chest plate is a bit weird and bland maybe add something and perhaps add a tooth necklace.
P.S could we get a close up of the weapon


I love the overall look you were going for and those flipper feet are actually pretty cool looking, a nice use of the Gahlok shields.

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Wow this is pretty but the flippers and leg turbines look a little awkward.

I think the figure’s alright in general, but I’m not a fan of the barraki eyes on her torso.

The chest looks kind of odd, but I do like what you did with this moc.

The body is a bit basic, but overall it is a good moc

Tooth necklace is a fantastic idea. I’ll slap one on and see hot it looks. In the meantime, here are pics of the weapons:


looks good, but looks pretty simple. not your best of the protector lords

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Compared to the others, it isn’t that great, but I still like it overall.

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the goofy leg turbines, combined with the complete and utter lack of shoulder presence really doesn’t give me any royal vibes.

The torso looks kinda wierd