Quest for the Masks of Power Activity Book Review/Discussion

So wassup y’all?

As you’ve probably guessed from the title this topic is about discussing and reviewing the activity book “Quest for the Masks of Power”

For starters, what is this book? Well, as I’ve said like five times already, it’s an activity book. It was produced by Polish company Ameet (who you may remember released some books exclusive to Poland including the Glatorian book that contained “The Crossing” and the print version of Journey’s End. Fear not, however, this book is in FULL English and is published by Scholastic. The book retails at 8.99 USD/10.99 CAD, but it is much cheaper on Barnes and Noble’s website and Amazon.

So now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: what’s inside. First thing you’ll see is that it includes an Ekimu mask. Pretty cool if you don’t already have Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder. If you do, it’s a pretty neat mask to have again (For MOCing perhaps). Would have preferred an exclusive or hard-to-get mask that would have been an extra incentive to by the book but oh well, can’t have everything.

So now let’s go page by page. First let me go out and say that there is NO NEW STORY INFO. I initially thought there was by turning to a random page and seeing some info that would have completely changed the dynamic of the story for the better, but turns out it was a matching game and that was a false answer. (Sad face)

So, yeah, page-by-page:

  1. The Legend + pretty picture
  2. Word Search
  3. Use the mask provided to match outlines of masks and see which story info is true or false (this is what I mentioned above)

4-7 Comic with pictures from web animation

8 Find two same spiders. Lots of Skull Spider colors here, including the basics plus red, dark green, orange, and turquoise.
9 Maze - match Protector with region
10-11 Shape matching - match Toa with description
12 Mask Sudoku
13 Kopaka maze
14 Uhh…no idea – Protector of Fire
15 Match small pictures with larger scene - Tahu
16 Match Toa weapon with scrambled images
17 Rock jumping (Onua jumps from rock to rock with certain rules)
18 Find the differences (Pohatu and PoS)
19 Which vines need to be cut for Lewa to grab his mask
20 Draw straight lines between Skull Spiders (Protector of Water)
21 Draw mask of Water
22-23 Comic with panels from webisodes (fight w/ LoSS)
24 Match symbols with letters to name Skull Warrior and Skull Slicer
25 Match part of image with powered-up Toa
26-27 Board game
28-29 Quiz (has “master of air/master of jungle” question – haha)
30-31 Answers
32 Pretty Picture

So overall the book is great…if you’re six years old. Otherwise it has a few activities that are a little fun, but I would only buy it for a younger sibling or as a collector’s item.

I will post pics upon request/depending on TTV’s policy.

32? What is it?

You’re gonna have to buy it to find out. :stuck_out_tongue: