Quest for the toa+ MNOG+ Legend of Mata Nui+Bionicle Heroes rahi instructions

I dedicate this topic to collect the instructions of the exclusive rahis we can see in video game such as the GBA game “Quest for the Toa” and PC game " Legend of Mata Nui". Some have already been brought in the past by fans, but a part of them contained innacuracies, so I remade them myself.

Here are all the ones that have been made so far:

Quest for the Toa
Mahi Variants Fire Mahi - Google Drive
Moa Moa - Google Drive
Electric Spider Electric Spider - Google Drive
Cliff Bug Cliff Bug - Google Drive
Small Bug Small Bug Rahi Instructions - Album on Imgur
Lightning Bug Lightning Bug instructions (Mata Nui Online Game | Quest for the Toa) - Album on Imgur
Brakas Brakas instructions (Quest for the Toa) - Album on Imgur
Small Scorpion Small Scorpion Rahi Instructions - Album on Imgur
Green Bird Green Bird - Google Drive

Legend of Mata Nui
Wolf Rat Wolf Rat - Google Drive
Hoi Nui Hoi Nui instructions (Legend of Mata Nui) - Album on Imgur
Propeller Fish Propeller Fish Instructions - Album on Imgur
Bat Rahi Bat Rahi Instructions - Album on Imgur
Costal Crab Coastal Crab Rahi Instructions - Album on Imgur
Ga Wahi Fish Ga-Wahi Fish Rahi Instructions - Album on Imgur
Fikou Nui Fikou Nui Instructions by TLROsborne on DeviantArt
Le wahi snake Design | The Spirit Forge

Mata Nui Online Game
Regular Mahi Mahi Instructions by TLROsborne on DeviantArt

Maze of Shadows
Walking Takea: Walking Takea - Google Drive
Living Wall: Living Wall - Google Drive

Bionicle Heroes
Bird Bionicle Heroes Bird - Google Drive
Crab Bionicle Heroes Crab - Google Drive
Fish Bionicle Heroes Fish - Google Drive
Bug Bionicle Heroes Bug - Google Drive
Acid Fly Acid Fly Instructions by TLROsborne on DeviantArt

Voya Nui Online Game
Gafna Gafna - Google Drive
Burnak Burnak - Google Drive
Lava Ape Lava Ape - Google Drive
Rock Ussal Rock Ussal - Google Drive

Ga Wahi Bird Rahi, Le Wahi insect, Le Wahi blue bird, Hikaki variants, Voya Nui Fikou

If better instructions are found, don’t hesitate to mention them, so the list can be updated. If instructions for rahi from others game can be recreated (Mistika, Maze of Shadow, etc…), this topic can be extended as well.

Note: These instructions may be subjected to innacuracies.


The Spirit Forge


ah neat, i might try build some o these!


Update: Green Bird from Po Wahi added to the list


Update: Bionicle Heroes exclusive rahis added to the list


Hey there. Spirit Forge recently uploaded instructions (and in some cases .io files) for a number of these Rahi, plus the Sand Tarakava. I think they’re worth checking out. Here: Design | The Spirit Forge

BTW, are you going to update the list with links for the VNOG Rahi you made (Gafna, Burnak, Lava Ape)?


Effectively, some are pretty cool. The way wolf rat was built is amazing. I tried to make my own version, but due to the lack of reference pictures online, it was really difficult to do something good, so I gave up.

For VNOG rahis, I didn’t tought about it, but why not.
I’ll try to do something clean for the instructions.


Voya Nui online game rahis added to the list.


UPDATE: Maze of Shadows rahis added to the list