Question about Mata-Nui Robot?

Hello Greg. I wanted to ask something about the Mata Nui Robot:
The Mata-Nui’s robot wasn’t revealed until 2008 when Mata-Nui finally awakened. I wanted to ask if Vakama and everyone else in the matoran universe were aware of the Robot’s existence before the Great Cataclysm happened?
Like for instance, the matoran of Metru Nui lost their memories after the Great Cataclysm occurred. Did Vakama tell the matoran about the Robots existence?

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No. The Turaga, Matoran etc. were not aware they were living inside a giant robot. To them, this was simply their universe.


Following on from this, were any beings within the MU aware, other than Tren Krom? I’ve always assumed Helryx and the OoMN might have had some idea.

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