question about promoting Bionicle LEGO IDEAS projects?

@Mesonak and @Eljay, Are you still interested in doing any kind of “Bionicle LEGO IDEAS Roundup” like what was mentioned in certain Nak and Jay episodes? or has the community’s lack of support for the multiple offerings of Sokoda’s project disheartened your interest in perusing that avenue?

Well, when you phrase things like that, it certainly does.

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Yeah I feel like I could have written that part better but wasn’t exactly sure how.

Perhaps what you meant to say was more along the lines of: has the communities lack of support for the multiple offerings of Sokoda’s project, disheartened interest in that specific avenue.

Takes it off being his burden and failure, cause he succeeded in making an amazing creation just not enough overall Lego community support to bring it to fruition. Thus really the question is do we as a Bionicle community feel lego IDEAS is a viable investment for efforts.


thanks for the help, I’ll rephrase my post.


Personally I feel like lego IDEA’s is always going to be a difficult uphill battle as the project has to appeal to both the larger lego community/system builders along with capturing the Bionicle aesthetic and lore.

That is why I have felt something like the Mata Nui Bust or a Red Star space ship would be the way to go.

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Just the Lego Death Star but with red bricks instead of grey.


I envision something more like the Nova Core ship from marvel but much larger

and yes a black and trans-red color scheme.
I’d kill for a system bust of the Kraahkan the Great Mask of Shadows.

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The trouble is if you do something like the GSR or the red star the casual nostalgic “the red one was my favorite” crowd most likely wouldn’t recognize it and the set probably wouldn’t sell much outside of the core Bionicle fanbase. Which I think would severely limit how successful the set would be.

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I would disagree, the beauty about the red star set is its a spaceship, with bionicle lore attached, so it appeals to the space theme crowed, as an interesting space craft, and the more lore minded bionicle fans a landmark play set of sorts. Is it constracation, no, but it was an important place and one that if the serials had continued would have been a major “landmark” for lack of a better term. The appearance it had and the little we got to read about started to give me “Dead Space” vibes

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You aren’t wrong, but I’m also not sure if it matters. A giant robot with lasers has appeal outside of the Bionicle fanbase, even if not everyone recognizes the story implications behind it.

Is it a spacecraft? I had always kind of assumed that it was more or less just a ball. (I guess that’s still technically a spacecraft since it moves through space, but you get what I’m saying)

However, now that I think about it, that isn’t super practical for a detachable booster system, and it’s also not nearly as cool.

EDIT: It’s apparently probably not just a ball:

Now I kind of want to see what this space station looks like.

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Ok, now that is interesting. hmmm I wonder if we will ever get a specific shape.

Probably not but someone with lots of parts and spare time could build an interpretation since its spherical generally, that still leave room to make our own interpretation of one. I have some Ideas in my head of what I would due, but I simply do not have the parts to pull it off. Perhaps that’s a project I will work on one day


I think the original side-goal (in the event we didn’t win the Ideas set) was more so to just get Bionicle on LEGO’s radar again. A “make it so they can’t ignore it” thing.

If we could repeatedly get a Bionicle-related Ideas set into the final review stage every year, it would in theory be hard for LEGO to ignore it, and I think the hope was (or is) that it would go to show them that interest still exists.

I hate to sound like a doubter or like I don’t believe in the Bionicle Ideas sets out there right now (don’t get me wrong, I very much love a lot of them), but I think our chances of actually getting a Bionicle Ideas set is very low. And that’s mostly because of our performance this last opportunity. If we can’t even show up for the one set that had the absolute best chance, I don’t see how we could for anything else.

That being said, I think supporting Bionicle on Ideas and aiming to get them to the review stage is still a good goal. If nothing else, making Bionicle a constant thorn in LEGO’s side so to say is a good way to let them know we’re still here.


@Axelford has made a GSR replica and it’s on LEGO ideas but as stated it’s been a very uphill battle and most of the ‘I had the red one’ don’t really recognise it but I think with more advertising it could be the perfect Bionicle LEGO ideas set

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