Question about Rahkshi color correspondents?

Way back in 2003 or 04, you gave us a list of Rahkshi armor colors ( Granted, this was a very long time ago, so if you’re unable to answer the question, that’s understandable but, some of these colors seem a little uncertain as to which respective LEGO color they’re intended to be; particularly Purple, Light Purple, Magenta, Aquamarine and Gold (since we’ve had several shades of gold)

Do you know what respective Lego colors these would be?

I would suggest:
Purple - Purple (common in modern sets) (official name ‘168 Medium Lilac’)
Light Purple - Purple (seen in Tohunga Onepu) (‘104 Bright Violet’)
Magenta - Magenta (‘124 Bright Reddish Violet’)
Aquamarine - Teal as seen in Tohunga Kongu (‘107 Bright Bluish Green’)
For reference, Ryan Howerter’s list of LEGO colors:


Could light purple just be lavender? The color wasn’t invented yet, but I don’t think modern purple was either…

Modern purple was introduced in 2004.

But, Rahkshi were released in 2003, I guess. When was the list made?

Hm, Late 2003

The color would have existed internally by then, but you’re correct, it was yet to be introduced.

However, on the other hand, Heat Vision is Flame Yellowish Orange, also introduced to LEGO in 2004.


Blimey, can you translate them to bricklink colours?

168 Medium Lilac - Dark Purple
104 Bright Violet - Purple
124 Bright Reddish Violet - Magenta
107 Bright Bluish Green - Dark Turquoise
191 Flame Yellowish Orange - Bright Light Orange