Question about the Kanohi Kraahkan Versions

I do apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong section, but, I have a question, and I feel this is a good place where I could get an answer straight from the Bionicle community.

I’ve been fortunate enough to get the 4 official versions of the Kraakhan. I’m especially lucky to have gotten the Movie Version :grinning: . But, I was wondering why there is a 6 hole chin and a 4 hole chin version, and which sets they came in.
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The 6-hole version came from the classic 2003 Makuta, while the 4-holed one came from Icarax in 2008. No idea why they made that change, because it seems pointless.


Nice collection.
Now gimme that movie edition Kraahkan and nobody gets hurt


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I mean the side it’s generally shown as, on Makuta’s face exclusively.

Im just going to leave this here


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@Chronicler Thank you very much!

Well, I’ve personally gotten more fond of this mask over time, though it’s not really my favorite, admittedly. My favorite Kanohi from G1 has to be the Miru.

It does, thank you. And, yes, that’s fine.

Does that answer your question? If so, I can close this topic.


It looks like they filled in the extra two holes in the 2008 version. You can see the plastic.