Question about Toa Disk Kanohi and the Kraahkan

Hello, if I remember correctly, a mask of light can be made from a Toa Disk of a Toa of Light. Said mask would also be called an Avohkii but lack the special abilites that Takanuva’s Avohkii has, like the spreading peace power. So my question is, could a Kraahkan be made the same way? Could someone make a Toa disk of a theoretical Toa of Shadows and forge it into a Kraahkan? Of course said Kraahkan would lack the anger spreading powers, but is it possible?


I don’t think either an Avohkii or Kraahkan can be made using Kanoka Disks. They aren’t made that way and even if there were Kanoka Disks with those powers, the Kanohi that those disks make would probably be very different.

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The Avohkii can. Wording off of BS01:

If a Toa Disk of Light existed, it could be forged into a mask that would give the user elemental light powers. Unlike the Avohkii, it would not grant additional powers beyond elemental light, but it would still bear the name of Avohkii.
Chat with Greg Farshtey | Page 256
Chat with Greg Farshtey | Page 901
Chat with Greg Farshtey | Page 904

It seems reasonable to assume the Kraahkan is the same way though we don’t have direct confirmation. The Kraahkan is after all an “elemental mask”, same the Avohkii, Garai, or a hypothetical mask of fire: Official Greg Discussion | Page 226

Quote on such a mask of fire being made from Toa Disks: Official Greg Discussion | Page 22 and for the Garai being made from Toa Disks: Official Greg Discussion | Page 233.