Question regarding image limit. . .


I was just wondering if there was a limit to the number of images one could post on a topic. I looked around and I didn’t see anything regarding it, but I figured I should check to be sure.
I.E if I were to theoretically post a topic with 50 images from a series of Mocs I made, would that be too many/not allowed?
Hopefully, this question hasn’t been asked yet so I won’t be making a redundant topic.


why not use imgr or Flickr

You madman


It’s Brickheadz. . . Its 50 different Brickheadz

We’ve had issues with server space in the past that have required some image-limiting rules, but from what I understand there isn’t a technical rule against posting that many images.

However, I would caution you against posting that many pictures for your viewers’s sake. 50 high res photos is a lot to scroll through. I would advise you to make collages/group photos with several MOCs per pic. You could try grouping the Brickheads loosely by theme (e.g. all of the Luke Skywalker variants in a single pic).

Also, props to you on making 50 different Brickheadz. That’s no small feat.