Question Regarding the Movies

Hi Greg,

A quick question was floating around in my mind; In your opinion, did the voice actors in the movies do justice to how you perceived the characters to sound? I know that you didn’t start the run of the Mata/Nuva and whatnot, but if you have seen the films, did they sound close to the way they did in your head?

Bonus question, did you have any say in how the characters were to voiced or how they acted in the movies?

  1. I really don’t recall the movies well enough to answer this. I haven’t seen any of them in at least 8 years.

  2. No. The movie studio handles that sort of thing.


I don’t blame you for not watching them recently. I certainly wouldn’t rewatch them anytime soon.

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Simply had no reason to. As I get older, I find I don’t want to invest time in rewatching things I have already seen, when there are new things I have yet to see.


That’s a good philosophy.