Question regarding the size of the Great Spirit Robot?

The fact of the Great Spirit robot’s size at 40 million feet is something that is awfully infamous for not adding up with measurements given prior.

Let me explain simply what it isn’t that simply doesn’t add up in any way.
As I stated, according to canon the Great Spirit Robot is 40 million feet tall. The island of Mata Nui is 486 kilometers long (the size of Denmark).
This is going to be picture heavy, but bear with me here.

So to start off with, here is the island of Mata Nui, as seen in ‘the Rising’ animation, layered behind it is the island of Mata Nui after the GSR’s head has risen.

As said, we know the island is 486 km in length.

So, I scaled and rotated the GSR rendition from the faberfiles to match the size and rotation of the head from the Rising.

And so we end up with this size difference between the GSR robot and the Mata Nui island.

Next, I rotated the GSR back so that it stands roughly straight up.

And then I took the Mata Nui lenghts, lined up next to it. Ends up being roughly 7 Mata Nui islands tall. (A little less than.)

7 * 386 = 3402 km. Now of course, this is very roughly done, keep that in mind.

But wait… Here’s that faberfile again.

According to it, the GSR is 3300… something tall. 3300 is awfully close to 3402. Could it be that the original, intended size for the Great Spirit robot is 3300 km (about 10 826 771 feet) tall? This would make a lot more sense…

And now, dear Greg, with this information present, I have three questions for you:

  • Was 3300 km the intended size?
  • Why isn’t it the canon size?
  • sighs Though it deeply hurts me to ask, can it be retconned so that things actually make sense?
    Edit: - If so, would the Prototype Robot still be 2/3rds of the height? (Currently it’s 27,000,000 feet)

Edit: To show what the 40 million feet size would look like in comparison to the island of Mata Nui, have this image! The picture to the left also shows what the size of the GSR was in the Rising video, relative to the island of Mata Nui. On the right is the Matoran Universe, scaled so that Metru is 65.2 km long, relative to the island of Mata Nui and the GSR. The entire universe would fit in the head, which I think shows how insanely large this number is. (Note; the islands are not necessairly to scale with each other on the Matoran Universe map, since the sizes of the islands are unconfirmed.)

Meanwhile, the Matoran Universe in relation to the 3300 km GSR.

I also want to note, in the comics the GSR is depicted as reaching space when standing up on Aqua Magna.

On Earth (of course, Aqua Magna may be a lot larger), the atmosphere only reaches about 120 km in height. (Fyi, 40 million feet is 12 192 km)

Another side thing: It’s 384 400 km to the moon, meaning it would take only 31 and a half 40 million feet Great Spirit Robots to make a bridge to the moon.

Edit: (again) So, let’s not talk about the size GSR anymore. Let’s talk about how large Aqua Magna would need to be.

For the 40 million foot GSR to lay down, under the ocean, the planet (or moon, that’s another can of worms) would need to be many many many times the size of Earth. How large? Well, big enough for it to not be worth counting. The biggest terrestrial planets (non-gas giants) are about 5 to 10 times the mass of Earth, or about two times the radius. That’s not much of a size difference compared to the size of the robot. After this point, they pretty much become gas giants. Basically, Aqua Magna would need to be bigger than the largest terrestrial planets, and Spherus Magna would need to be at the very least the size of Jupiter (very big)… So yeah.


I did some calculating (really rough) but Aqua Magna is at least 3 earths big, Bota magna is 4 earths big and Bara magna is 3 Bota magna’s big.


Nice! I never thought about the sizes of the planets before.