Question regarding Toa failing their destiny

In my understanding of Bionicle Destiny is a fluid thing and something that can theoretically be failed, my question is that if a Toa has a destiny that they fail and it doesn’t result in their death can they become a Turaga if they’ve used up their Toa Power or are they stuck as a Toa forever.


It never has happened.


Isn’t that the whole premise of the kingdom story? Matoro fails in his destiny to save the life of Mata Nui, and the Great Spirit Robot falls into disrepair. Not to mention, I feel, that if in 100,000 years of recorded history no Toa has ever really lost, it sort of takes away some of the stakes of the main story.


Maybe that’s the key deviation in that AU. Not that Matoro failed, but that he’s capable of failing? I agree though, it does kinda take away the stakes.

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What you asked was if a Toa had failed to achieve their destiny, could they still become a Turaga? And my response was that’s never happened, meaning a Toa who did not achieve their destiny has not become a Turaga.