Questions about Bara Magna and it's inhabitans

Hey, @RealGregF! Hope you have a nice day.
I have a few questions about the Agori, Glatorians and the Great Beings.

  1. Are the Agori and Glatorians genetically connected? Is there a link between them like the one between us and gorillas? Did they evolve from a common ancestor on a span or hundreds of thousands of years?
  2. What is the native language of the Great Beings?
  3. Speaking of the GB, do they call themselves Great Beings, or is this just a title given by the Agori?
  4. How much time the GB spent to create the original inhabitans of the Matoran Universe?
  5. Speaking of which, how much time it took to build the robot and the islands inside of it at all?
  6. What determined the Agori to differenciate the tribes with colored and elemental-like armor?
    Thank you for your time.

Not really gorrilas. As far as I know gorillas were around at the same time as the “ape like ancestor” of mankind, meaning they would have evolved from a separate ancestor. Still a common one, but not as cloaely linked. Not to mention Humnas share more DNA with bananas than gorrilas.


Why didn’t I got notified when you replied to my topic?
I think I should have said apes instead, but you all got my idea.

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Yep, that’s appropriate.

  1. I would guess yes.
  2. Agori
  3. That’s a title given to them.
  4. I don’t have an exact time, but I think it would have been fairly rushed.
  5. Again, I don’t think I have that info.
  6. I think it’s fairly natural for beings who all congregate in the same area geographically to end up forming tribes.

Thank you very much.