Questions about Melding Makuta?

Wanted to know some things about Makuta species from Melding Alternate Universe. Very little things are known about them, but we know that they have light abilities instead of dark, and that they have different set of Kraata powers. So, here I go

  • Do these Makuta have some analog of shadow hand, like, um light hand?
  • Did Melding Makuta Species came through same evolution process that made original universe Makuta to be “cans with antidermis”
  • Besides Darkness, Anger and Fear abilities being replaced with Telepathy, Courage and Peace, are there any other abilities that were replaced?
  • Are Kraata and Rahkshi of this universe any different from original universe ones? Are they able to corrupt mask? Are they beings of Light or Shadow?
  • What are colors of Melding Universe Rahkshi - are they still base Gray, or, maybe, switched to white? What coloring of Rahkshi and Kraata of replaced powers are?
  • Are all Melding Makuta have white-gold pallet, or they are just primary white with varying from being to being secondary color?

Hope that wouldn’t be really hard to answer, and thank you right away


This probably not. Miserix caused the evolution with his mask. He didnt get banned from the BoM in that universe.

According to BS01, Miiserix was on Artidax when Makuta mutated. He didn’t cause it. It happened naturally to all makuta.


All except Miserix

It did happen to Miserix as well. Only difference was that his armor was not upgraded by Nyhran Ghosts. He had to absorb Klakk and transform his armor by himself.

quote: When the Makuta evolved into Antidermis, Miserix’s armor was not upgraded by the Nynrah Ghosts and he was forced to absorb mass from other beings to accommodate for it.


Then i misremembered something

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I suggest Melding universes Kraata should be called Avata. Kra is suffix of shadow. Av is suffix of light. Since they are beigns of light, their name should be such.

Edit: by pure coincidense, it is also finnish word for “to open”, Instead of closing their spirit from light they opened it?

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