Questions about the Lego ambassador program

So, with the recent discussions about bs01, I’m a little confused about the whole Lego ambassador thing. What does being the Lego ambassador for bs01 mean? Like, what does the ambassador do, exactly? Also why is the owner of the site and the ambassador two different people?

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The LEGO Ambassador Network is essentially a direct way for LEGO communities to interact with and cooperate with LEGO. Depending on what kind of a community you are, that comes with certain benefits and allowances.

For BS01, they’re like what TTV is - they’re a Recognized LEGO Fan Community. And for all RLFM’s, and other community types, you need to pick someone to represent that community.

So for instance, for TTV, I am the Ambassador. I speak on behalf of TTV to LEGO. That also involves certain responsibilities, such as reports. I am not, however, the owner of TTV. Ambassadors can be anyone asked to represent their respective community.

You should be able to learn more about it here.


Brief answer: the embassador of a RLUG doesn’t have to be the leader of the group, especially when it comes to thematic groups.

Now, an extension to what Eljay said… A RLUG, RLFM or RLOC is a recognized group by lego and Lego directly support it in one way or another. Those communities are the main way Lego show to the fans that thet care and can even help to achieve goals that otherwise would be really difficult. Now, I said all of this because the group assign one person to be the embassador, which is in charge of the communications with Lego and others groups, and is basically the leader but that actually depends more on the organization each group have. The majority of groups are what I call generic in the sense that they are about Lego in general but some are more thematic or line centric. In those cases the person in charge of the group is not necessarily the same as the embassador because they fill different roles… Once again, it depends and it seems like this is the case in TTV an Biosector01.

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Sounds like a pretty big responsibility.