Questions on Shadow Stealer?

Hello Greg, I’ve got a few questions about Shadow Stealer:

  1. Is Shadow Stealer of a unique species? If he is, can it be assumed he was created by the Great Beings for the purpose of acting as a hero until the Great Beings could make something to replace him, aka, Toa?

  2. Was he able to use or wear a Kanohi?

  3. From BS01: “His first mission took place somewhere far from Odina; the task should have taken many years to complete, but he was able to finish it in mere days. Since then, Shadow Stealer began a long journey back to Odina. His progress was hindered by several battles against a variety of opponents, including other Dark Hunters, whom he killed.”
    It is not stated whether or not he ever returned. Did he ever make it back to Odina? If not, did he eventually regroup with the DH on Spherus Magna? Why did he kill DHs, wouldn’t that anger the the Shadowed One?

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Shadow Stealer is a fan-made character, so what is out there on him is pretty much the info that exists.

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