Quick-MOC: Battle axe

A quick MOC I made just for the heck of it. I found a creative way of using Antroz's claw-blades!


I love the flow of the blades! The open axles on Matoro's cutters could've been covered with Bohrok eyes or something though...

Who is the wielder of this devastating Axe?

That would be me, Vyran Kal. I have yet to perfect the MOC, so I'm not posting it yet.

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I really like it. The Wire that runs through the entire pole portion looks pretty great and I like the Blade itself. I do think that the open axles look strange, though.

This looks good and menacing, but I am questioning the open axle going through the Matoro claws.

This is incredible! I love it! Good job, this is very well done. smile

Well I gotta say

it's Bad-axe!

Gets thornaxx'd

Stoax approves of this fine looking ax.



This is very creative!

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