Quick Sketch

so i quickly whipped this up in 5 mins and 38 second , as i wanted to time myself on a really quick sketch like piece of art, im not so happy with the outcome of it but im proud of it for the amount of time i put into it, feel free to post your sketches and times and show me how bad i am at art :slight_smile: so yeah (its the Hau Nuva BTW my fav Kanohi of them all)


wow, this is really goo-

My gosh


??? what?

you made this in only 5 and a half minutes? That’s crazy.

yeah, its really simple, the Hau nuva is actually a really nice mask to draw because of its nice lines and such

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hmm, now that you mention it, the design is pretty simple

still though, This is amazing :smile:

hahaha thanks man <3

Wow! This was done in five minutes?! That’s impressive! :smiley:

Have a badge! :smile:

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Umm you shouldn’t feel bad about your sketch


That’s not bad :slight_smile:

What if I told you it was supposed to be a shark

Then ummmmmmmmm it’s still alright :slight_smile:

Very nice. I love the dark red and painted appearance.

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Thanks !!!

This is pretty impressive for that much time!

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thanks :slight_smile: