Quick Update!

Hey Guys,

You may have noticed that this board is suddenly posted under the “TTV Channel” heading. This is purely for board organization and because, in essence, Brickonicle is a TTV project. No rules will change and you’re encouraged to continue posting as normal!

Thanks, and Sorry for the Inconvenience!!




Entire subcategories disappearing and reappearing under different headings could be considered an inconvenience, yes. Im covering my bases here man! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a question are megathreads going to be an thing that people can implement?

I was asking because several thread overlap inside the Brickonicle category. Making it hard to pool the entirety of one specific thing into one thread. I would be nice if you could make something like a category that when clicked would give thread of the related topic. Say pitches about the Story, or the Island and so on.

SUnfortunately, categories can only have to layers to them and at the moment there is no intention of implementing Brickonicle as an entire category of its own.

That being said, if anyone wants to go through the effort of compiling everything of a certain type into one thread, we could probably pin it.

I am compiling, but not sure I can update the thread consistently.