Quin and Ritchi

hey guys it's me Gwideon here. Today I have two new mocs for you so let's get to it.


This is Master Ritchi. He is a a master of magical arts. He is also immortal.

side shot

Back shot

action shot of him using his magic.


A female of her species. she doesn't really have a back story yet.

side shot

back shot

A better look at her torso

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment and stay awesome.


The only gripes I have with them is that their necks are really long.


Either their necks are too long, or their shoulders are too low.

Also, the lime on the legs would look better swapped with trans-apple imo.

yeah I know about the necks and I think I have a fix for quin but not for ritchi (any ideas would be welcome). Also on the lime I ran out of trans apple green but I'm hoping to get some soon.