Quotes and How To Use Them

One of the big factors that leads into double posting is the fact that some members do not in fact know how to reply to multiple people via quoting. To solve this, I’ve written up a tutorial here:

So, let’s say I want to create a reply for more than one person, as seen here:

What I do is that I highlight the portion of the quote I want to use (it doesn’t have to be the whole post, you can reply to a certain section if you want to!)

As you can see, after highlighting, you are given the option to “Quote Reply”. Click on that, and then you’ll see your editor pop up.


On the left side, you can see the code, on the right, you see what it’ll look like. You can now reply underneath the quote and it will notify the user just as if you had replied to them. Of course, the added bonus is that you can do this with as many people as you would like in one post, and you can also get the context/full post by clicking the little down arrow at the upper right of their post. Or, if you want to actually see said post, just click the little up arrow.

Using this feature will greatly help us when dealing with double posting. As always, you can always link people back to this topic if they are unaware or try to reply to multiple people in multiple posts.


Now what if the quote button doesn’t show up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice reminder Kahi. People really seem to be forgetting not to double post…



Yes. Finally, I have been waiting for someone to talk about this.


I never noticed this before. Thanks @Kahi!

What about mobile users? Is there a trick aside from copy/paste? :stuck_out_tongue:

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