Quotes editing themselves out of messages

Occasionally when I quote someone (which happens a lot), the message I send will edit the quote out as it sends, and the edit log counts it as something I did. It’s happened consistently enough that it’s becoming a bit of an issue.

Any idea what’s causing this?


I’ve had this problem too, though seemingly only when replying to particular people.

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I too have this problem.

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Filler text.


Edit: works for me, at least on this post.

Yea, but that’s just one example.

It’s also apparently not a consistent bug. There have been a few times where it won’t trigger, but I can’t determine what causes it.

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Yeah this is an issue for sure

it happened to me twice. It’s making it hard for me to see what specifically someone is referencing when they reply to me, or in most cases, what I’m referencing when I reply to someone else.
IDK what the core issue is, but this is definitely something that I’d appreciate being fixed in the very near future

please someone help me it’s happened at least five times in one day why is this site so cruel to me

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Just get better, bro.