Quoting bug/inability

I’ve noticed that I can’t quote any longer. Could this issue be solved?

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Strange, I’m still able to do it. You have been able to do so in the past, correct?

Yes. I’ve noticed it, and am sure it might be something in line with my lack of quoting for a month.

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I’d suggest closing your internet window. Then reopen and try again.

Wait. So you have been unable to quote people for an entire month?


No, actually. I just made direct replies, and hadn’t used the function at all. The major reason for doing so was because of the device; iPads and Wii Us are painfully annoying to use when quoting.

Well that isn’t surprising. Well. Try closing your internet browser. If you’re still having problems close it again, and then turn your wifi connection off and on again.

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this has been an issue for me for the past few days, maybe even weeks. But no one else has said anything, so I just decided it was a me problem

and didn’t elaborate.

There is a workaround, by pressing the speech bubble in the top left of the post draft box

but it is annoyingly tedious in how I cannot do it with the ease that I once could


Well I can do it just fine. Mobile and Wii U consoles obviously will have their problems.

You can check the message boards on a Wii U?

never knew this was a problem, hopefully it’ll get fixed :confused:

Well, the speech bubble in the top left corner has started existing.

Yes, you can. (This works? Yay!)

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