QUOTRI: Rise of the Aganni Adesu

Hello there, this short snippit/idea thing is set in my Science-Fantasy world of Quotri. I might write more in the future if anyone likes it, cheers anyway :smile:

This Lore page might be useful for the names and such

QUOTRI: Rise of the Aganni Adesu

“I know he is here” a cloaked figure said.
“So what if you do, Ordunai, you won’t find him.”
“Foolish shaman, you will do what I say. I am the protector of this island. I am the Aganni here, not this pretender.”
“Lies, you are nothing but a fake, Auragi. You twist yourself into forms you are not. You are not trustworthy in any sense. Why should the Torotu harken to you when you cannot keep the same appearance.”
“That matters not Dosarnu. I can do what I please. But if you keep the newcomers location disclosed, you will see your demise.”
“You are no match.”
“My master will gladly destroy you in my stead. He will devour your kyr. You will not even be able to travel to the afterlife, shaman saiug.”
Dosarnu laughed. He started to walk away, with his staff clunking the stone floor with every step. As he reclined down the hallway his personal guards stepped forward, clad in umal-plate and wielding toschori sabres. “Well Ordunai. You can tell Iagumi that if he dares to interfere with Erizu’s gift of the Aganni, then you too will die.”

Auragi grunted and turned towards the main enterance of the grand hall. Dosarnu looked back at the Ordunai. “You can also tell him that his name is Noshiaza, one of the nine that will overthrow you and your control over this realm.” Dosarnu said, he continued walking, now featuring a grin on his ageing face. Auragi then let out a cry of anger and shifted into a bird before soaring out of the temple.

Out of the shadows walked a tall figure, twice the size of a normal Torotu. Dosarnu gave a gesture with his three withered fingers towards him. “Come now Noshiaza, you have much to learn.”

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A lot of names for people and things made it a little hard to follow, but this was still a good read.

Thanks :smile:
Probably should have linked this, a lore page from earlier, explains most of the names.