Qyice - Ice Planet Mixel

So this little fella didn’t exactly turn out as planned, but still a cute little fella regardless.


I love the ears, and the head design in general.

Ice Planet

Sees Magnet on the end of tail

Thinks of M Tron

Pretty nifty, although a bit big to be a mixel imo.

looks spaceworthy to me.


It looks pretty good, almost like some kinda weirdo frilled lizard. The right angle-ness and shaping of the legs is a bit awkward, though.

The head design is genius, looks just like a classic space satellite dish.

The only thing I can critique is the use of both the classic trans orange and the new “warm” trans-orange. If you can find the parts in the classic trans orange color and replace them, that could be beneficial.

Also, the contrast between the new clean while parts and the old, slightly yellowed ones is kind of strange, but there’s not much you can do about that.

Something about the tail looks a bit off, but the mouse-like appearance is otherwise charming and the design is solid.

I know, I’ll swap out the yellowed white parts when I can, orange parts too if I can.

Oh no mixers return :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but nice moc, nice to see some more mixels mocs

Cool! I like the ears, how you used the skis on the back feet, and how you used the magnet piece on the tail. I would love to see what other mixel type builds you could come up with, particularly in the colors of older themes.

I have some ideas in mind, in due time I’ll get around making them

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