Raanu Revamp

Raanu, leader of the fire tribe.

“may your swords and shields preserve the peace.”

This was my substitute build of Raanu for the glatorian collab, but at the end it wasn’t needed anymore. I still got a kick out of this build, cus it basically was a one day build and it was fun to work with the colors and weapons!
I hope I did it justice ;p


The whole moc is color blocked very well, and those yellow legs remind me a lot of Mctoran Jaller. Though my favorite part would have to be that torso design. All the little exo-force arms added to it gives it this great feeling of complexity despite being a pretty simple design underneath. Great job!


Awesome MOC! Good rework of shield (it finaly does not look like sieve, nice), color scheme is very fresh too, though orange on his helmet now looks slightly off.
Removed flame on the firestaff is cool, but very, very non-puristic…

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Raanu was always bootleg Vakama and you can’t convince me otherwise.

This is really well done, from the torso to the limbs. The color blocking is on point and the oversized feet mold doesn’t even look bad at all.

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looks incredible.

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Nice greebles!


I love how the reflections in the background of the yellow legs make them glow and look like magma!

Awesome work!


INCREDIBLE! So much detail in such a small package. I don’t even usually bother with system greebles but this is changing my mind a bit.

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