Rabbit transformer MOC

This was the best I could do, perhaps next time I should make a custom torso that flips the head in inside, this transformer is female, i’m thinking of a redo or rework for these two (combines with tank) so they can combine.


Don’t care very much for the weapon… but the transformation, man oh man! It’s fantastic! Very well done!


yeah, the weapon was an afterthought :grin:
i’m surprised you like the transformation, i thought i was getting a hand slap

That’s actually pretty good! Though it would have been good if you could just hide the head instead of taking it off every time you transform it.

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Experimenting with version 2, I’m copying the transformation feature where you open the chest and fold the head inside

I’m not a stone age savage, I will copy everything that exists if I know it or can research it I will use it somehow.

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Goodluck. Pulling that off can be a pain. Though you might have an easier time, because you’re pulling the mask off. I usually don’t do that. Personal preference.

Also, if you want some amazing bioformers, check out Dr. ScorpionX on YouTube.

I made it so it flips back instead, perhaps I could use more research it’s finished though, could be useful for tank