Racela V2

This a MOC I made on the same day as Darclex, but I have updated her since. this is her most current form.

All you need to know about her story (Seeing as none of you read it, or so I am lead to believe) is that she is Darclex's little sister and a rouge. M'kay?




The MOC has a great flow to it and fairly feminine proportions. Back feels a little bare though.

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Thank you. and yes, it is. I just wanted to keep her slim, and any back armor I give makes her look too bulky from the side.

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Didn't this species have Velociraptor legs? I see none here. I'm very dissapointed.

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She's not even red. 0/10 awful moc you should just explode yourself while you're at it.

In all seriousness, Racela's build is keeping it simple, keeping it real. Love it.


Looks a lot like DropletMagus's self moc.


Wait, where's your story? I wanna read it! stuck_out_tongue

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@PekekoaOfJungle they do. but people showed distaste for my over use of the look. so I gave her normal legs. she used to.

@Blaiz1t Snap, I will change that. Thanks! I am trying to make her look that way.

@Risebell I would be lying if I said that I did not think of that when I was making her. but the first version of Racela was made before Droplet made her SM.

@Leoxandar On MOCpages! which is down right now. Thank you for showing interest!

When I find out who those people are, I will destroy them. /s


Start with @Ekorak, Chains, Wertman 8. and a ton of others.

Sorry. I'm immune to destruction.




He is the angel of legz.

The torso is too short, add armor to the front and back of the hand and then it will be great, as of now take my 6.8/10. Yes, I rate cruely, get over it!!! /s stuck_out_tongue

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Okay. Thanks!

Pretty nice work Raptortalon. The colors are very pleasing, and the CCBS chest doesn't look as bad as I initially thought. The claw-Toes seem a bit too long for her, though. everything else though, great job!

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You averted the blade abdomen crisis, lucky you

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@Windfall Thanks man!

@Hawkflight yah man, tires4life

I like the claw toes.

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As do I, Thanks!

Where is said story...

...Also nice Moc...

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