Races other than Matoran, Toa and Turaga

While we know there are three main races of Matoran(or stages of evolution), the Matoran, the Toa, and then the Turaga. It follows a pattern that cannot be reverted(or we never heard from Toa becoming Matoran again). But what if there are other possible evolutions that are possible through new technologies?

I had one in mind that affects the Matoran. It is a category between Matoran and Toa, called the Xanatoran. The destruction of the Red Star would lead to a big energy leak, which would then affect every Matoran. The failsafe we had in 2006 transformed the Matoran Jaller, Hahli, Hewkii, Matoro, Kongu and Nuparu into the Toa Inika. The energy that has been released would affect every Matoran, but due the energy being absorbed by many Matoran, they become only stronger, taller, and have limited access to their elemental powers, instead of becoming a real Toa.
This is just my theory, it’s highly unlikely that the release of such energy on an entire planet would affect all Matoran.

So what ideas do you have for another race/stage of evolution for the Matoran race? Or do you prefer the way they are?


Interesting idea but we know about agori, gladiatorion, and Vesk I think they are called

Well, Agori and Glatorian have nothing in common with Matoran. Matoran is a species. Toa and Turaga are races of that species.

Rahi. Lots and lots of rahi.

Since they were built, do they even count as a species?

You mean Glatorian, Zesk and Vorox?

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I always mix them up. This time, I did combine them

wait what about Skralls?

You mean, like a sort of mutation like with the Hordika being half-ahi, half-Toa?[quote=“Mrblackpants, post:5, topic:31038”]
Since they were built, do they even count as a species?
I wouldn’t say “built”. We do know that there are some sort of machinery building them, but it is still unknown what really happens. They have organic parts, and they also need a power source, like the MU. Only, the MU is a very special source of power. My theory would be that their essence of life comes from Mata-Nui itself. But it would also mean that there can’t be new Matoran anymore.

I also came up with a hybrid version of Matoran and Agori, but that is going way too far. Except if you got the Vahi. Let’s manipulate time and space and change the minds of the Great Beings to create Matagori.

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Huh. Probably should have read more than the title before posting. Give me a minute.

Alright, so does this have to be head-cannon stuff, or can we just do our own thing? 'Cause is we can just do our own thing, then I have a really good one.

Your own thing naturally

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Alright. So what I have isn’t exactly a matoran evolution per say, but it is pretty cool. Its a virus that I came up with. Think the flood from Halo, with a bit of F.E.V from Fallout. I call it the Shadow virus, or the Shadow plague. I have a whole line of mocs about it, and I’ll make a topic for them… Sometime.

Hope to see them sometime soon!

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Well don’t hold your breath. It may be a while, seeing as I can never seem to find the time to take pictures, and I only have my phone camera to take them. But it will happen eventually.

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