Racing Games

Today I realized that there isn’t a racing game topic, so here we have a place to talk about racing games, this is anything from Gran Turismo to Mario Kart, with Wipeout, Need for Speed, and Forza sprinkled in between.

Mario Kart is chaos the game.

Have you not played Mario Party? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was half tempted to say that, but decided against it.

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I’ve always loved LEGO Racers. It has tons and tons of faults, but I’ll always have my nostalgia-filled memories of playing the game with my OG Sigfig on my Keyboard.


I’m the guy who uses the Wii Controller with the Numbchuck when playing Mario Party when everyone is turning their wii-motes like steering wheels. It’s so much more fun having control of your car.

And then someone hits me with a Blue Shell…

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Cars and such…



CTR is the best multiplayer game.

LEGO Racers 2 was the game that got me into both LEGO and into Video games.

Also Mario Kart is cool.

Anyone here tried SEGA’s knock-off Mario Kart? It’s pretty fun, even if the mechanics are a bit weird.

I completely forgot that! I used to have both Racers 2 and Stunt Rally on the computer. I loved the track builder in Stunt Rally and the car creation in Racers 2.

How is it that all the racing games I loved as a child had a filthy cheater for a boss? There were this guy, Sebulba from the pod racer game and Nitros Oxide from CTR.

Best racing game ever made.

Nothing says racing more than a Yaris cup.

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