RACIUS, Knight of Crystal (MOC)

hello, i am finally back with some new MOC’s!

and i want to introduce you to Racius, the knight with his mighty crystal sword!
i personally like him very much, he turned out very strong en noble.

the crystal in his sword is powered by his own soul, he is shaped out of it and carried it with his life! it is my favorite part of the Moc.

i hope you like it as well, and let me know in the comments what you think!


thanks for everything!


This is so perfect.
Like, really. There is nothing bad with this MOC. :ok_hand:

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Yooooo this looks LIT I love that sword to death, I think my only complaint is the lower legs, they look a bit janky, other than that, solid moc my dude

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Interesting use of those panel pieces as both the shield and the shoulder pads

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That sword is 10/10. This guy’s pretty solid.


I like the torso build and the sword, but I see there’s two open pins but it’s not really visible in all angles so that’s not really a problem
This looks pretty cool :thumbsup:

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@1000Purse30 you are right, there were supposed to be chains on it. but when i was shooting the pics i didnt noticed them, so when i looked back on the computer i saw those pins as well.
but mostly you cant see it cuz of the pictures.

and thanks for your compliments of course!!!

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This doesn’t really give me a ‘crystal’ vibe, but I love it regardless.

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Nice Havel shield yo.

Really diggin’ those aesthetics and the overall appareance is pretty great


Very cool moc! I really like it.

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I don’t like the lower legs. They make it look like a WiP.

Awesome job! I love the knightly vibe this guy has!

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One of the best sword designs I’ve ever seen. It’s sharp, aggressive, mechanical, and powerful looking.

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