Rack for Kanohi

I made original rack back in 2008, first it was more simple without any Vahi, gold Ignika, gold Kraahkan, gold Hau. After some time it evolved from this (https://i.imgur.com/GDOabAk.jpg) to that (https://i.imgur.com/EfaM7NN.jpg). Main idea is to show all the most characteristic Masks from G1 Bionicle. Mask of Creation from G2 is here because there wasn’t any released in G1, and I wanted all 3 Legendary Masks together.

Order of masks isn’t random. Toa Mata masks shows beginning of Bionicle, then Masks of Light and Shadow shows next big chapter in Bio story, and then finally Legendary Masks. I also tried to keep it all symmetrical.

In last time I get two Ignika’s from 2006, from Shapeways, one in VNOG Style, second in Bionicle Heroes Style. And PLG Kraahkan (really magnificent mask).

With that I can now say, that Rack is really complete. It stands proudly on my desk.

Here how it looks on my desk (it was yet old version of Rack):


Man, I envy your Kanohi collection… Also, nice display in that last picture; the iconic masks collection to represent G1 and the two brothers with the Mask of Ultimate Power to represent G2. Clever.

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This looks really cool with all the lift arms and the blades
Are some of those masks custom?

@1000Purse30 Ignika’s from 2006, they are 3D printed and painted in gold.

An impressive collection. Even though the 2006 Ignika’s are custom, they still look phenomenal amongst the rest.

Nice kanohi collection.

Pretty cool mask holder you’ve got there.

I envy you’re mask collection