Radiak's mask art

I’ve always liked Radiak’s mask for some reason, so I figured that I should make some art of it. Feel free to leave constructive criticism! Here’s what the real mask looks like:

This is the artwork:


These actually look nice! Good job :smiley:

That Radiak mask looks pretty… RAD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have never liked Radiak’s mask, (Think Meso-Miru syndrome), but the artwork does make it look better.

Looks pretty accurate :smiley:

Hmm… Those cheek spikes remind me of something…the mask of ultimate power

Well done.

Radiak is ultimate power mask confirmt

I’ve always liked Radiak’s mask also. Nice sketch.

Awesome drawing

I always loved Radiak’s mask in 2008, and would always use it for my MOCs. That’s some pretty good art there. :smile:

I guess you might call it Rad-iak.!

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I love the first one!


This looks nice, although all it reminds me of is @Scarilian


That Radiak mask drawing looks radical!