Radiate was a human (this is for my Legends of Mythron story arc)in a radiation factory, a gang of dragons pushed him into a vat of mixed liquid radiation and he mutated in to a creature of sizemic amount of radiation in his body. he has to wear lead lined armour to keep the radiation at bay


The lower waist looks odd. Outside of that (and I guess the simplistic limbs, though I don’t really mind), he’s cool. I’ve been wanting to use the skull mask with green for a while. :slight_smile:


I had to use the brain attack orgrum head stalk piece thingy plus its the weakest part of the MOC cause one slight force movement and its like the new lego spring launchers very powerful

He looks like a better version of that guy from Batman Beyond.

oh Tony’s Joker

Here he is, his name’s Blight.


yea that’s the one

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But seriously thought,this guy’s cool. The lower legs are a bit weird,thought.

Mythron-Mythical creatures, dragons big brutes of the mythical world

its not easy working with metru legs and glatorian necks

Very nice MOC. I really like the colors, it works very well. The torso build is also very nice, and the combination of the brain attack head with the Skull Warrior mask looks really good.

The lower legs however need some work, the armor sticks out way too much and look really odd.I feel normal CCBS bones would have worked better here. Also the additional small CCBS bone in the arms doesn’t really work for me, they just make the middle of the arms rather thin and adds articulation that it doesn’t really need. Some friction joints in that spot or just longer CCBS bones for either the upper or lower arms would really help here.

Besides those two things, this is a great MOC, good job. :smile:

The lower leg armor looks like it’s sticking out a bit too much, but it is still a pretty good moc

Everything looks pretty good beside the waist that sticks out of the front strangely.

that head just made me exited for the trans heads in the beasts

they didn’t eat him?
cool looking moc dude!

  1. they are vegetarian dragons
  2. thanks
  3. hes been in planning since I listened to the last night out cover to imagine dragons radioactive

Not a fan of how his leg armor sticks out. On both sides.

Love that mask/brain attack head combo.
Anyway, the moc looks pretty solid on all fronts but the legs (and hands but that’s just a nitpick) The way the armor is positioned looks very unnatural and sorta just juts out making the entire lower leg pretty gappy and awkward. Uhh… Other than that pretty darn good!

Legs and waist are odd, but the colors have inspired me to make something like that!

think of the glowing ones from fallout

So he’s like Captain Atom from JLU?