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Let’s talk and share our opinions about radio.
Anyone still listen to the radio?

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All the songs on the radio are played too often and suck.


I only listen to it during Christmas time.


I usually listen to it when being driven somewhere, but it sometimes is left on during the day too.

You can learn some bretty interesting stuff from the radio, and some of the shows can be funny (though the shows in question usually aren’t on too often).

Oh yeah, and there’s also the music. All depends on your taste and who’s driving really.

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I only listen to it in the car.

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Radio deserves to die.

I’m fairly certain the subculture that inhabits the boards is comprised of many “odd-ones-out” from the mainstream culture, including those whose musical interests are diametrically opposite to those enforced by popular radio. In short I expect a smaller percentage of this demographic to enjoy radio than the population at large.

My parents listen to radio a good bit and I’ll listen to it when I’m riding with them (when I’m not zoned out), but I almost never listen to it of my own volition.

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I like only a portion of radio music. Some of it is absolute garbage that should not be called music…

Only radio 4 in the car. Love things like just a minute. Kinda talking gameshows which are quite funny.

(In England)

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Radio is bad because the songs are always generic re-played for the 100th time boring songs.
B’t yeah,i only listen to it in the car when i’m bored.

I listen to mainly 3-4 channels on the radio. Alice 05.9, 97.3 KBCO, the comedy channel, and 99.5 the Mountain. but not often. Then, sometimes I listen to iTunes Radio

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Uh, I only listen to classic rock and jazz on it, and only when I’m in the car. Otherwise, I just listen to music on youtube.

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so true

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How Very True.

That Said, I Never Actually Listen To Music On The RaDIO. I Listen To political Talk Shows.


In my area, there’s only one station that has songs I like, but it seems like for every two songs they have 15 minutes of ads :confused:
And yeah, I only listen to it in the car.