Radrix (Matoran)

If you saw the topic with Radrix 2.0, You know what is this. Before he became evil, he was a normal matoran.Hope you enjoy!

Size comparition with the shadow toa version
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/a/d/ad1b8b5859499a9f94d3c2c5aea0db79f24b46be.J


That looks really good! The technic piece on his left shoulder armor sticks out a bit, but he’s complex enough for me to wonder how you built him. I like the weapon a lot, and I especially like the elements you put to keep him looking similar to the shadow Toa. Nice MOC!

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Looks good!
I might even say it’s better than the real deal, because it’s so compact. Color blocking is pretty good. The only gripe i have is that it’s not ccbs than bionicle, so maybe v2 could have some custom limbs.

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The torso is good, but the upper legs are too close of each other when they could be easily spread away. They look weird. The left shoulder also looks weird. It looks like it wants to fell apart. And also the colour scheme is violently disturbed by orange and grey.

Better now?


The build is still weird, but the colour scheme is better.

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