Rage build No.3: Spud, 'Toa' of stone

So remember how a while back I was uploading those rage builds and talked of having others? Yeah it took me much longer than I expected to actually get around to finishing those descriptions… Welp! Too late now! So here’s another rage build! Who I also somehow managed to connect to Cryptid and make work! XD


So yeah, Spud, definitely not your average Toa as you can tell, even if his ‘mask-less’ state wasn’t present, by the bolt embedded through his skull (which also has a pretty big reason to do with why his name’s Spud too…)

Spud was once your average Po-matoran, a carver by standard trade, but one quite a bit more happy to help others with jobs far outside the standards of his own job and his Metru, somehow seemingly enjoying all of them equally and doing them with cheer no matter the difficulty.

He gained the nickname of Spud due to his old matoran body shape, being somewhat visibly similar to said root vegetable in both color and shape, but he was only called it in a friendly tone (at least for what he heard) and eventually it stuck, Spud actually starting to prefer it over his old, which does help him due to his current inability to remember much of his past (or even properly think at that…)

And yet, despite all that he did for others he had few in the ways of friends, all due to one other fact of him, his friendship with a rah-toran of fire named Ruki.
Yet, despite the consequences his friendship with her brought, he never faltered in his stance as her best friend, no matter how much she worried him with her constant injuries from pit-fighting… At least he never even faltered until his ‘incident’ that caused him to become the ‘Toa’ he is today.

So, as said before Spud has always been one to enjoy helping others, no matter the difficulty of the job, and this was, in aspect, quite literally just an average job for him, at least it should have been…
He had been asked by a group of Onu-matoran acquaintances of his to help in checking a few of the newer tunnel supports and repairing/installing any necessary supports and a few in the older levels, just the usual, not even the first time he’d been asked to do this, or at least similar to it, before, and it would have stayed that way.
Perhaps if he had been a little less angry from an argument with Ruki over her constant pit-fighting, perhaps if he had made certain the Onu-matorans had properly checked the equipment, perhaps if he had chosen to handle a different part of the repairs, maybe none of what transpired would have, but, alas, it is too late to ever know.

In basic what happened was this: he had been preparing to install a new support, having repaired a few already, yet as he readied the tunnel-support/bolt-setter (I don’t know!) device to begin the installation of said bolts, again, the device malfunctioned, jamming in such a way to cause a minor ‘explosion’, launching the jammed bolt through ‘Spuds’ head and setting off a minor chain reaction in a few nearby materials, fracturing the wall Spud had been working on, cracking it before it fully shattered, revealing a hidden room/cave of sorts, after spud stumbled in his haze of pain (and what should’ve soon been complete loss of mental functions) and fell against it, that accident fortunately (for him), caused him to end up in his current state of living but unfortunately did little to help increase his social standing and life, if anything worsening it.
For within that room was a long since forgotten and sealed away Toa stone, most likely left behind by an ancient traveler or one of the builders of Metru-Nui, and as he connected with it in his fall it somehow reacted, changing him into his current Toa-ized state, even originally giving him a mask (until it was taken and replaced with his current one), and managing to force his body to adapt to the bolt in his skull, as it changed, leaving him with severe mental trauma and memory loss.

Soon after that he was brought before an elder, one connected to a mildly corrupted group which had a very… ‘Negative’ outlook on those that associated with any other ‘beastly’ species, such as Riku and saw his current situation as the perfect way to remove such an outcast and remove one of Riku’s few supporters, it’s acuteness especially taken into account due to how ‘successful’ she was at both surviving in the arena and winning, despite various ‘incidents’ such as faulty prosthetics or minor, untraceable injuries/damage to potentially important parts.

The group, after coming to a unanimous vote proceeded to keep Spud’s situation a secret, claiming he died in then caving accident before taking his original mask and replacing it with his current mockery of one (purposely designed to be insulting in truth), and throwing him out of Metru-nui to fend for himself, and fend he did, yet not in the way one would probably expect or believe. For he survived and thrived due to his first, and still, not for along time, last, encounter with Cryptid, one of the most feared and dangerous non-makuta villains, known to many by the names of the ‘artist’, the slaughterer, the defiler, yet (obviously) unknown to Spud, even despite his first encounter beginning during the middle of one of Cryptid’s ‘art projects’.

Gender: Male

Personality: Friendly, bit distractible, a touch destructive from lack of remembrance of his own strength, and a bit slow in thought and speech, especially forethought when it comes to his reactions, usually just acting on impulse.
A bit… loopy, if in a slow and friendly way.
He’s in no way unintelligent, despite how he may talk and act, he’s just slower, thought process wise.
He’s no slouch when it comes to planning, even if said plans can take a long time to both form and then write out, or explain, in a properly coherent manner.

Element: Stone

Other attributes: Wears an unpowered mask (his original was a mask of illusion before it was ‘removed’ from his possession) of which he has created, and carries, multiple ‘alternate’ versions of.

He has no wish to remove the spike within his head, having even gone so far as to modify it with additional attachments.
His reasoning for why he doesn’t want it fixed it? ‘It lets him wear his hat, and can hold his knife.’
The chest armour he wears is also one such modification, if not ‘hat’ related.

Increased strength from his element.

Surprisingly acrobatic…

Weapons: A small, two pronged ‘knife,’ which he carries through a modified attachment on his ‘hat’.
A ‘claw club’ permanently built into his arm in replacement of a hand.

Spud’s original mask:

Pose and Quotes:

Pose & Quote - 1: Greeting!

"Hello! My names Spud!

Pose & Quote - 2: See?

“See, told’ya it’s useful! It can hold my knife!”

Pose & Qoute - 3: Cartwheel


Pose & Qoute - 4: An… odd ‘friendship’…

“Hello friend-Cryptid!”
“Ah, yes… Hello Spud…”

Pose & Qoute - 5: 'Friendly greetings’

"Hmmm… Oh yes, I can see where you should go.~"

"Oh You’ll b-Hmm? What’s that?" ‘Approaching noise is heard’

‘Metal crashing’

“Hello Cryptid!”
‘Sighs in irritation.’ “Hello Spud.”


I thought the bolt in his head was supposed to be one of those hats a British chap would wear on a golf course


Haha! Well it is partially that if you think about it! Just more of a metallic and crude imitation in its nature!

Hey, what can I say? He does love his hat! XD


It’s great, except for the head… and mabye the front chest armor

Hahah! Ja, that’s a rage build for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Rage build sounds very similar to a joke moc

Potentially, but in truth I did make the past two, and the next couple, a while back during one of my more stressful weeks… good way to let off stress, for me, other than just being a ‘grump’ for the next while to my IRL friends/family.