Ragna the Fire Wielder Moc

This is Ragna, The Fire Wielder. This MOC has a piece count of 44.
Backstory: Ragna lived on an island called the Island of Blazers which was one of the six islands that had only one type of element living on it - in this case, fire. Ragna was the defender of their land and was considered a toa by many, even though this wasn’t really true. He fought in many battles against Makuta before Tahu took his place and Ragna was not recognized by many from that point on.




Armourless yet sadly not flawless

“Honey! Dinner’s ready!”


Not bad. 7/10.

BTW, are you new here? I haven’t seen you before.

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He joined Oct 8

So my views on this moc

  1. Realay simple and doesn’t bring anything interesting
  2. Looks really nice for a simple moc but lacks cohesiveness in armor placement

Overall now I would rate it 7/10


@MaximusPrime yes, I am new.

@LTVmocs thanks for the reviewing! I will fix these in future MOCs I make.

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you should take shots that let us see the entire MOC without any poses, I have a bad Idea on how the front of it looks cause we have no clear frontal shot.

The double claw thing seems strange, and the Piraka head is pretty bad, its kinda just floating there.
As LTV pointed out theres no cohesion in the armor, the legs are solid red and have smooth shells and bones, and the arms are all textured and mostly dark red, and of course cause of the head weapon and shoulder things it just looks like a remodeled Xplode.
keep improving though, you’ve already gotten a better grasp on colorshcemes.

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thanks for letting me know! By the way the piraka head is like a hood… thing… I don’t really know what I was thinking. I thought it might have been a secondary mask hood that he could pull down if his first mask got knocked off or destroyed. I wanted the claw thing to be similar to Irnakk’s claw but it had movable claws. I didn’t have very good pieces to build a contraption like that so I had to use a piece that probably wasn’t noticable but in real life looked out of place which bothered me too.

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