Ragnus and the rail gun

Ragnus is another rebel that is striving to end the GSW. He teams up with Guardna (self moc). Ragnus is heavily inspired from the YouTuber named legobuilder97. He has an orange robotic arm because he tried to take down a GSW squad leader an failed.

I sincerely apologize that the pictures are upside down.


That arm build is awkwardly familiar, hmmm…

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maybe because its pretty much the same build for my self moc… when he says ‘‘Inspired’’ he means taking the full look of rangus and changing one or two things.

if your gonna go that extra mile to call him rangus and this that and the other you could at least have kept his story but changed it down the line to fit yours.but thanks for the build of my selfmoc means a lot even though i dont seem like it.