Rahaga Iruini Revamp

“Finally! A Rahaga revamp with ample articulation and common pieces so I can build my own!” -Probably no one

Too bad. Enough people said my Rahkshi Va looked like a Rahaga that I went ahead and made an actual Rahaga based on its build.

I liked the original Rahaga sets, but messing with them now I thought their lack of articulation was a shame. Happily, that’s not much of a problem here. Shoulders and elbows, oh my!

The spinner works still, about as well as you’d expect it to.

Here he is next to the original (yes, I stole the staff and green beam because I’m lazy):

…My next MOC? I just need to photograph it.

Thanks for viewing!


This looks pretty good! I love how close it is to the original while adding poseablility.


It looks to me like the Rhotuka Launcher hinges on one of his shoulders, like how the Bohrok Va’s krana holders were linked to an arm. Is that correct?

If so, that’s a really cool little function.

The Rhotuka launcher is connected to both shoulders, and actually serves the purpose of keeping the balls in place. It sadly can’t hinge because the flat bottom of the launcher prevents it from flipping up against the main body part. To fire forward the neck must also lower, as in the last picture.

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Kinda cute! I like it!

Nice, I’m still confused why the originals have those orange pieces

I echo what Prukah said; nice work!

the orange makes them look cooler and more unique in my opinion


I’ve always thought it was because Lego didn’t want to include the piece in multiple colours in the same set, or perhaps just because they didn’t want to include another unique piece.

(Admittedly, that first theory is somewhat undercut by the fact that the socket piece is included in two colours in all of the sets besides Bomonga.)

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