Rahaga Pouks revamp


Well, this looks pretty cool. Wish I had some text to explain what I’m looking at, but it appears to be some sort of Rhaga revamp. I would like a better look at the construction, it looks pretty great.

It’s okay. Sticking to the Rahaga build/silhouette really doesn’t give you much to work off of.

Thanks for the feedback I stuck to the build because that way it remains closer to it’s original size.

It is cooler but too thin, that rahaga needs more meat on his bones.

I’m a fan of this. Good job!

Great work! As others have said, he is a bit thin but I don’t think it’s that big of deal.

It’s a nice revamp of some pretty meh sets.

A much more effective design that the official set. I really like your usage of the Bohrok foot in the construction of the torso.

Simple, but nice. Also not a bad revamp as far as those go.

I like it, but I think that the torso is too thin.

I quite like this. It adds poseability and refines the Rahaga look all while keeping to the original style.

The main thing that looks weird to me is the arms in the way they’re attached. I feel like it could be fixed for the most part if you replaced those hammer pieces with black axles. Even if that does eliminate some of the articulation, you’ll still be using the T-bar hinge on the lower arm, so I don’t think it would hurt it too bad.