Rahi Flightless Bird MOC

The title pretty much says it all. It’s a bird. Not a plain, not Super Man, just a bird.

Honestly, I’m really glad with how this MOC came out, mostly because almost every part came from a random Block Party Bricks bag from Brick Fest Live.

The side view.

The only part that didn’t come from the bag was one of the visorak limbs on the wing.

An image of it with it’s wings out. Even though it is flightless, It uses it’s wings to keep cool, to slow down when running extremely fast, and to intimidate enemies.

Some images of it hunting.

It uses it’s feet to sense under the ground for small burrowing rahi, and then uses its wings to brush away the sand and sticks its head down to eat eat them.

They are native to the desserts of Po-Wahi, but can some times be found in Onu-Koro, because they will some times dig to much to fast and to deep.
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/1/8/18fa44a592575968d5de104030320d2ee5ee2c79.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”
And a picture of how the legs are attached more clearly.

The idea is nice, but the color scheme is all over the place. Maybe you could use a head with a beak instead of the bohrok-va head.

edit: completely missed the part about the blind bag thing, sorry.



the guy looks like a Bohrok thing’s head strapped on a bizarre body…

The reason for the Bohrok thing is that I thought the flames looked kind of like feathers.

Flightless Bird AKA Kiwi birds

Just fix up the color scheme and it’ll be a great prey for a Muaka. Actually, it could be a prey for a Muaka the way it is.

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