Rahi MOC: Pygmy Okakawi

This is the last one I’m doing. Unlike the previous two I showed, it more closely resembles the regular Okakawi.

Pygmy Okakawi

BIO: The pygmy okakawi is another of the four species of okakawi. It is more closely related to the desert type than the others, though it lives in the caverns of Onu Metru and Onu Koro. When the planet of Spherus Magna reformed, it moved to the partially destroyed Black Spike Mountains

(Yes,that is a blue pin, I don’t have any black ones. I can already see @Eljay having a seizure)

Unlike the other okakawi’s which rely solely on ambush, the Pygmy version relies somewhat on sonar, like a bat. And just like bats, it is nocturnal. When the Rahi picks up signals of another Rahi via its sonar, It pounces from the trees and glides slightly, before landing with its blades impaled in the victim.

Their diet in Onu Metru/ Koro consisted of other nocturnal species, such as Cable Crawlers, though it can easily fall victim to a Metru Mantis. When it moved onto Spherus Magna, the nocturnal Scarabax Beetle was added to its diet.

Being a rather shy Rahi, any unsuspected creature can provoke it. On top of that, it is not to most social of animals, and can be rather territorial when another Pygmy walks into its area.


It’s so beautiful and perfect on so many levels I cannot even


It’s great.

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I want it as a pet

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These just keep getting better.


love it.

I like your Rahi so much! They are so natural looking.

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all these rahi you make, I want an army of them

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Yes, with their power you will take over the world and build an Okakawian society!

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small, but cute