Rahi MOC: Rikell

This LDD design makes me want to go on Bricklink & order all the bits to make it. XD
View 1:

View 2:

Back view:

Face close-up:

Lemme know how the colouration looks, I'm no expert on colour (I'm partially colour-blind. :/). Also, any name suggestions?
For anyone interested, here's a link to the LDD file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uxl8q661k0xsbv6/Rahi+MOC-Rikell.lxf


What's the piece you use for the head there? Looks like maybe a head/face piece of some kind?

Still looks really cool. I think I'd call it something like... the Rikell? I think it's a cool enough sounding name.

I actually have no idea, I just used the Pyrox face, a Brain Attack head in Black, a shin-guard attached to a robot minifig arm, & that weird Bionicle weapon piece. stuck_out_tongue so yeah, I think that's a pretty cool name as well. smiley

Oh, I see it now. It is indeed the Pyrox face, I just didn't recognize it. But yeah, that's what I was referring to.

Glad you like the name.

Lol, think I should put a link to the LDD file if anyone wants to try to build it?

I think you should, but be warned, as with most things in LDD, the part colors you want may not exactly exist. >.>

Lol, I alreay knew that. stuck_out_tongue I'm pretty sure the Pyrox face & Phantoka makuta torso doesn't come in those colours. XD

Also, Idk how stable the torso design is either. O.o

the face is a little thin but besides that it looks great colors included!