★ Rahi MOC. ℤyakra


★ The ℤyakra are large Rahi that inhabit the forests and mountains of Artoria. They are beings of nocturnal habits, they are not usually seen in the light of day since they are sleeping. They use the luminescent appendages of their neck to intimidate their adversaries and thanks to their athletic and strong body they can move at great speeds through the woods, knocking down their target.
They are solitary beings, rarely seen together more than two individuals, just come together to mate or to face if there is the case of matching two ℤyakra of the same gender.

☆Please let me know your thoughts it the comments!


Too cool!!!

The painting on the head is really cool.

I really don’t know what you can add to this. Maybe not as many different textures?

What happened to you Spinax? :stuck_out_tongue:

All jokes aside, this looks amazing as always
Really nice use of the spine pieces near the head


The trans-red is the icing on the cake for this awesome MOC.

Amazing, I love it.

I’m getting some Shadow of Colossus vibes from this, as it reminds me of the 14th colossus. Great work!

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You never disappoint

Ah i remember seeing this dude
he looks absolutely sick, i especially love the spikes around his neck


It’s got a wicked aesthetic.

It looks amazing!!!

Really cool moc, i just have one question, is this still assembled? Because I could swear I’ve seen that same painted headpiece used on the torso of another one of your mocs

Nope, it’s currently disassembled,and yes I used that Spinax’s head in Gahakida’s back armor.

This just makes Maxilos look like he’s using a puppy. Love this!

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This looks really good!

For your next project though, I challenge you to try making something thinner. Your MOCs are always really good, but they always seem to be built really thick. You should try breaking out of your comfort zone a bit and making something thin.

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I don’tt agree, I have many thin creations ,anyway I make mocs for my enjoyment, I do them according to my tastes.

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This Moc is a really cool Rahi and I appreciate Rahi M.O.C.s. The Gunmetal on his body is fairly cool however thee seem to be a few pieces of sliver in his body that seem a bit out of place. In my opinion your M.O.C. would be better if you were to replace them with gunmetal pieces. It makes his silver head and manes spikes less pronounced. Take for example this M.O.C. I made recently Skuron the Skull Tracker it has a similar idea a rahi hunter it only has a silver head to help it’s head be more obvious and fearsome.

P.S. Though to be fair Zyakra is way more fearsome than Skuron and could probably beat him in a fair fight.

Fair enough, it was just a challenge

This is really awesome. Great work!