Rahi of okoto community MOC project

it’s quite simple really build rahi there aren’ t many rules

the rules are
It must fit on okoto and look like lego could actually put it out as a set You can use Technic.

2 It requires some sort of gear function

and 3 have fun!

All i want is you to make it fit
Oh and there is one more optional limitation
You can use G1 parts but make sure they were used in 2001-2003
you don’t have to do this you can go beyond that but i encourage early parts MOCS


Well this’ll be a chance to build dinosaurs and call them by gibberish names.

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Just like we didn’t get to do in 2011.

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This sounds fun

whenever somebody get’s around to doing it
i’ve already got a dude done

Yes it is based on the Nui rama

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